Mining Policy

This site, Backgammon Buddy, is created by ("Wellington Investments Pty Ltd"), a tiny software company in Australia. We have a commitment to the privacy rights of all people using our site. As a result we have decided not to place analytics plugins, tracking tokens or third party advertising on the site. (read our privacy policy for more information.)

However running the game server costs real money. If you would like to support the continued operation and development of Backgammon Buddy then we would like you to donate some of your CPU to us. You can change the amount you would like to donate at any time with the slider on your profile page. This page explains the details of this donation. Donation is completely voluntary.


When the donation slider is set above zero, the web client software utilises that set proportion of your CPU to execute the proof of work function of the cryptocurrency Monero. Monero is a cryptocurrency designed to be private, fast, cheap, secure, fungible and egalitarian. We believe that Monero provides great solutions to the problem present in other cryptocurrencies and gives us an opportunity to pay for the operation of the web site without handing our users over to large scale corporate tracking and surveillance, such as with advertising networks and analytics services.

Estimated Electricity Costs

Donating CPU means that your CPU will draw slightly more electricity from the power grid than it would have otherwise. How much does this power cost you? How much would you donate during a game of backgammon?

Using standard US electricity prices for example, setting the slider to 100% and playing a 20 minute game on an average desktop i5 or i7 (using 100W) CPU it would cost you an extra 0.4 cents in electricity dedicated to mine. Thats 4/10ths of one cent per 20 minutes.

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