The Team

Backgammon Buddy is made with love by the following people:

Crispin Wellington

Founder & Developer

Crispin is a Software Developer living in Perth, Western Australia. Passionate about accessibility, Crispin created Backgammon Buddy so that new and experienced backgammon players can play the game instantly, for free, on any device, without needing to download anything, create an account, or log-in.

Crispin has been programming since he was 8 years old, when he and his brother received a TI-99/4A home computer for Christmas. He became hooked on game development and over the years has created at least a dozen different games. After having learnt numerous programming languages, he fell in love with Clojure and developed an open source devops tool, Spire.

In his professional life, Crispin has worked in various roles: from network administration to team management, software consulting and senior developer roles.

When he is not programming computers or improving Backgammon Buddy, Crispin can be found working on home improvement projects and spending time with his wife Kaz and their 3 children.

Kaz Wellington

Co-Founder & Writer

Kaz Wellington is a freelance writer who loves writing articles for a range of businesses.

As Co-Founder & Writer at Backgammon Buddy, Kaz is contributing to the global community around one of the world’s oldest games. As a recent convert to backgammon, Kaz loves playing online and improving her game by using Backgammon Buddy’s analytics feature.

Kaz is interested in words, and in people. With a Bachelor Degree in Media Communications & History, a Masters Degree in Community Development and a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact, Kaz enjoys roles where she can bring these worlds together.

She has worked in marketing at the Western Australian State Library, has managed a digital literacy centre for the disadvantaged, grew a network of “CoderDojo” computer programming clubs for children, and completed a Social Change fellowship for the Westpac Foundation researching digital education initiatives around the globe.

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